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Air Atomiser for Dry Fog
AirAtomiser5 AirAtomiser4
Adjustable air atomising assemblies combines air and liquid by knob adjustment. By changing the spray tip setup, different spray pattern such as full cone, hollow cone and fan can be attained without changing the body assembly.
Material : 316 stainless steel or brass.
Size :1/4"NPT(F) air & liquid inlets.
Cat : SUE18A Cat
Misting Feature in Condominium
Misting Features
Critical Mass / Density Air Atomiser
With 3 to 5 bar of compressed air and Household water pressure of 5 bar.
Large critical mass of fine
mist / Dry fog can be achieved with
our Air Atomiser
Model : SA307-6-holes tip.
Horizontal trajectory 5 to 8 metres
Download Cat: SA 1.pdf 
Air pressure @ 3 bar, water @ 5 Bar           Air pressure @ 5 bar, water @ 5 Bar    
Mobile Wash Module
Self contained with 41 liter water container, driven by single phase electric motor discharging 8 liter/min @100bar through seamless stainless steel tubing with four (4) qty 1/8W1/4 - 30 degrees full cone inter-connected by compression fittings for mobile on-site wash applications.
Download Nozzle Catalogue - W_Series.pdf
Multi-Head Mist
Agric Mist

Brass casted Multi-head misting for Agriculture and urban farming. Size : 1/4 inch Female NPT with 2mm orifice

Pressure from 1 to 15 bar (max) for 150 microns mist discharge

Agri 4 tip Agri 3 tip Agri 2 tip
Agric 4 tips Agric 3 tip Agric 2 tip
Agri Mist 4 Head Agri Mist 3 Head Agri Mist 2 Head