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Tank Cleaning Nozzles - Rotating   
Spraying @ 2.0 Bar
Spraying @ 0.1 Bar

Rotating Tank Washing - RTW series

The rotary head spin on differential pressure of the water inlet. It rotates at high speed on stainless steel bearings. Strategically located orifice outlets facilitates rotating water jet for tank cleaning.

Connection - 3/4", 1-1/2" (F) NPT or BSP
Spray Pattern - 360

Material - 316L stainless steel

Download Cat : RTW rotating.pdf

TEFLON Tank Cleaning - WIL-TEFLON 360 degrees rotary head       

WIL-TEFLON rotary tank washing nozzles are used in corrosive acid concentrated applications, for cleaning of the internal surfaces of tanks in 360 degrees rotating actions.


wilteflon wilteflon2

Download Catalogue : WIL-TEFLON


360 Rotating Nozzles - UBC Series

Rotating motion is achieved by the reaction forces of the water flat jets. The rotating sphere rolls on 2 rows of stainless steel ball bearings so the head can be mounted in any position.

Inner and outer surfaces are full 316 stainless steel in its entirety for CIP.

Material - 316 stainless steel and PTFE

Size - 1/2", 3/4",

1", 1 1/4", 2" (F) NPT or BSP

Pattern - 360°

Download Cat : UBC_Tank_Washing.pdf

270 Small Rotating Head - UBF Series
Designed to fit through small openings for internal wall scrub.
Speed of rotation is directly proportional to the inlet pressure.
Applications : bottles, pipes.
Connection - 1/2" (F) NPT or BSP,            
Spray Pattern - 270 down,      
Material - 316 Stainless Steel,        


Tank Cleaning Nozzles - Fix Spray Head       
 360 Spray Ball - Type UAA
The most simple tank washing device for low pressure internal cleaning of vessels, tanks & containers of all kinds.
Operated at low pressure for cleaning, wetting and rinsing and by the turbulent action of the water flowing down the tank wall.
Spray ball diameters 28, 40, 50, 65 & 90mm.
Connection - 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" 1-1/4" NPT
Spray Pattern - 360, 180
Material - 316L stainless steel
DOWNLOAD CAT :Fix_Head.pdf 

LUMP - 360 tank cleaning nozzles
Complete with ten (10) qty of full cone nozzles clustered in a header, LUMP 6160 is a large flow 360 degrees tank cleaning nozzle.
It facilitates thorough and efficient tank cleaning in a continuous blast of liquid supply.
* Cluster houses 10 qty of internal vane
* Complete 360 degrees coverage.
Connection - 1 1/2" (Female) NPT
Material - 316 Stainless steel
Download cat - LUMP 360.pdf


Spiral Fix Non Clog  Type WA
These are fix head, high velocity, non clog spiral nozzles.
High impact droplets impingement.
Continous circumference spray.
Optimum spray droplets distribution .
For Scrubbing, Rinsing of tanks.
For Fire Fighting Foam discharge .
Connection - 3/8 inch, 1 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch (F) NPT or BSP
Spray Pattern - 300
Material - 316 Stainless
Placement : 1/3 from Tank top, No maintenance,

Download Cat : WA_Tank Rinsing.pdf

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