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Impingement Atomising Nozzle
Download Price : 3m system Compression.pdf


P Series
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Big / Med Flow
Serie 8
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 Serie 8



Schematic for Fog skid 3m x 3m enclosure - 3m x3m Fog

Schematic for Mist skid 3m x 3m enclosure - 3m x 3m Mist

Download Price List -  3m SS Tubing Price pdf
Fog Production Fog Product

The key feature of our disinfectant fog system is that it discharges FOG and not mist.

No wastage of expensive disinfectant, pedestrians walking through will not slip or fall as the floor will not be wet

1) System is automated with photo-cell sensor complete with Fog Nozzles, photo-electric sensor, junction box with manual control switch, relay, high pressure pump, stainless steel tank, stainless steel tubings, valves and accessories.
Easy plug to single phase 

Power supply 230 VAC/50Hz/1 phase .

System delineate above is S$2,500 per system.

2) Modular spray booth is easy to install at site.

Dimension is 800mm (Width - entrance/ exit), 1400mm (length) x 2000mm (height) Frame is constructed of aluminium profile.Entrance and exit is installed with collapsible rubber barrier.Sides are enclosed with transparent canvae.

Spray booth S$900.00 per unit

Download Catalogue : FOG DISINFECTANT BOOTH.pdf



Anti-Drip Misting Nozzles


Liquids passing them through a small orifice under high pressure producing droplets range from 20 to 120 microns. C/w anti drip spring / ball assembly. Brass or stainless steel. Size :1/8"(M)Npt,10/24UCN
Download CAT -AD_1 Misting.pdf


Misting Feature in Condominium




Air Atomiser for Dry Fog

Adjustable air atomising assemblies combines air and liquid by knob adjustment.
By changing the spray tip setup, fine Fog / Mist can be attained without changing the body assembly.
Material : 316 SS or brass.
Size :1/4" NPT (F).
Catalogue : SUE18A Cat
AirAtomiser5 AirAtomiser4
 Critical Mass Air / Liquid Atomising Nozzle 

Model : SA307-6-holes tip
Download Cat: SA 1.pdf 
This device facilitates liquid flow and air flow to come into contact with each other to generate a large critical mass of fine Dry Fog used for dust suppression or heat absorption.
The two stream of liquid and air collide in the spray cap chamber and exit at high high velocity fine Dry fog.
Spray tip 60, 90 and 120 degrees
Multi-Head Mist
Agric Mist

Brass casted Multi-head misting for Agriculture and urban farming. Size : 1/4 inch Female NPT with 2mm orifice

Pressure from 1 to 15 bar (max) for > 150 microns discharge

Download Catalogue : AG series-web.pdf

Agri 4 tip Agri 3 tip Agri 2 tip
Agric 4 tips Agric 3 tip Agric 2 tip
Agri Mist 4 Head Agri Mist 3 Head Agri Mist 2 Head
Atomising Nozzle for HVAC
Atomise Nozzles produce fine Mist Nozzle c/w polyproplyene filter. Bodies are in stainless steel material. 
All strainers and filters are made with a 3/8"-40 UNS male thread to match the nozzle.
Download - RII-15 GA.pdf


Wide Angle Volumetric Fog Nozzle - SD Series
Multiple narrow full cone pattern,  Solid One piece, non clog, Dense Full Cone,Small atomise droplets
Download Cat  - SD_Small_Dense_Fog.pdf

discharges 1.26 liter/min @ 70bar of critical mass fine Fog with a 360 degrees coverage.
Critical Mass Fog discharge
Model : MFRI-15
Size : 1 1/2 inch (F) NPT
Flow rate : 1.26 liter/min @ 70 bar
Spray angle : 360 degrees Fog
Material : 316 stainless steel
Model : CLUMP-17NSS26
Size : 1 Inch Female NPT
Material : 303 SS
Spray Angle :150 Degree Mist
Flow Rate : 12 LPM @ 5 Bar

Catalogue : CLUMP


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