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Located at Tuas Aggregate Terminal for BCA (Building Control Authority) in Singapore
Complete with high volume pump, pulsation dampener,  instruments and weather proof control panel etc to discharge high velocity impact spray instantaneously when truck  triggers the light sensor on entry to the skid washing bay. Depending on the loading demand, a timer in the control panel facilitate adjustment of washing period from 10 seconds to 300 seconds for complete continuous truck on the fly wash.
High velocity impact nozzles are spaced to on the sides and the whole under carriage to ensure thorough washing.
Dirt and gravels are collected on a rotating conveyor and continuously rolled out for dumping.
Waste water is drained through self cleaning filters and is cascaded into a reticulation bay where the water is again strained and filtered for re-use.
The skid structure is able to withstand a dynamic loading of a 40 ton fully loaded dump truck, continuously transporting sand, gravels and aggregate from Singapore one and only Government owned aggregate disseminating point. TOTALLY AUTOMATIC
Simple Tyre Washing System :  Tyre Washing System.pdf
Download : Pump skid.pdf
                 : Ex Proof Pump skid.pdf

Powered Parachute Glider  for AGRICULTURE  SPRAY
 Short 20 meter take off, low height flight path compete with propeller engine, canoply, inter-changeable spray nozzles for single seater.
Fire Protection System onboard offshore Production Platforms
Firewater Deluge system  -  Download Catalogue : Deluge Cat.pdf

The key feature of our disinfectant fog system is that it discharges FOG and not mist.

No wastage of expensive disinfectant, pedestrians walking through will not slip or fall as the floor will not be wet

1) System is automated with photo-cell sensor complete with Fog Nozzles, photo-electric sensor, junction box with manual control switch, relay, high pressure pump, stainless steel tank, stainless steel tubings, valves and accessories.
Easy plug to single phase 

Power supply 230 VAC/50Hz/1 phase .

System delineate above is S$2,500 per system.

2) Modular spray booth is easy to install at site.

Dimension is 800mm (Width - entrance/ exit), 1400mm (length) x 2000mm (height) Frame is constructed of aluminium profile.Entrance and exit is installed with collapsible rubber barrier.Sides are enclosed with transparent canvae.

Spray booth S$900.00 per unit

Download Catalogue : FOG DISINFECTANT BOOTH.pdf




Complete Spraying System Solutions - Call us because you deserve Engineers not salesman.

After having assisted our customers in the design and installation of several thousand spraying systems, where excellent results have been reached, we can offer a range of high quality fittings and accessories to complete the ideal spray system.  Call us.