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M series Figure "S" Internal Vane Full Cone - Maximum Free Passage


Download Catalogue - M_series.pdf

Full Cone spray at 500 frames per second
Maximum Free Passage with "S" internal vanes
Size      : 3/8" to 6 inch BSP, NPT, flange
Spray angle : 30, 60, 90 and 120 Full Cone
Material        : Brass, 316SS, PVC, PP, PTFE
Smooth "S" vortex flow for fluids with suspended particles and  viscous flow, allowing maximum free passage through its orifice.
Long Full Cone
PTFE (Teflon) and PLASTIC Series Full Cone
Plastic Full Cone - Type NC 
Designed to deliver large volumes at low pressure while still maintaining spray pattern and liquid distribution.      
Connection:  3/4 inch to 12 inch NPT, BSPT or Flange
Spray angles: 60, 90, 110, 120 Full Cone,
Material: PVC,  PP or Teflon 
                                 - NC Flange.pdf


6 inch Flange PTFE (Teflon) 120 degrees Full cone spray

R Series "X" Internal Vane Full Cone - Large Flow
 R Series (clog resistant  – Full Cone Spray)
Designed with an integrated 'X' shape vane, they offer the largest free passage available in the full cone nozzle range. Ideal for handling dirty or re-circulated liquids or foreign matter, or wherever there is danger of the nozzle clogging.   
Applications -  gas scrubbers, cooling, washing, re-circulated liquids with large solids.
Low maintenance, durable and long lasting.
Connection: 2 inch to 6 inch BSP or NPT or Flange     
Spray angles: 50°, 65°, 85°, 95°  and 110° Full Cone
Material: Brass, 316 Stainless Steel
Download Catalogue : R SERIES.Lpm.pdf

R series spray 2FullCone Spra
Full Cone - Low Flow
W series with internal X vane Full Cone  
These nozzles have an internal vane with two precision machined opposing grooves to produce a low flow fine spray
Applications: dust suppression in coal mines, cooling and scrubbing of air and gas,  de-superheating steam, spray drying.
Connection: 1/8” to 2" BSP or NPT
Spray angles: 30, 60, 90 and 120
Material: Brass, 316 Stainless Steel, PVC, PP, PTFE
Download Catalogue - W_Series.pdf

Tangential Full Cone - Wz series
Download Catalogue : WZ.pdf  
Mobile Wash Module
Self contained with 41 liter water container, driven by single phase electric motor discharging 8 liter/min @100bar through seamless stainless steel tubing with four (4) qty 1/8W1/4 - 30 degrees full cone inter-connected by compression fittings for mobile on-site wash applications.
Download Nozzle Catalogue - W_Series.pdf