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TANK COOLING in accordance to NFPA 15 page 11 to 15
NFPA chapter 15 page 11 to page 15  DESIGN and INSTALLATION clause 4-4.3.2 VESSELS delineates;

(a) These rules for exposure protection contemplate emergency relieving capacity for vessles, based upon a maximum allowable heat input of 6,000 BTU per hour per sg ft (18,930 W/sq m) of exposed surface area. The density shall be increased to limit the heat absorption to a safe level in the event required emergency relieving capacity is not provided.

(b) Water shall be applied to VERTICAL or INCLINED vessel surfaces at a Net Rate of Not less that 0.25 Gallon per minutes per sq ft (10.17 Liter per minute per sq meter) of exposed un-insulated surface


DOWNLOAD CAT - FW_Series.pdf
Large Angle Deflection Principle Type FW
FW flat jet nozzles work on the deflection principle conveying a stream of water onto a machined deflecting surface, producing a wide angle flat spray pattern having low impact value and small droplets. Their round orifice minimises the risk of clogging.
Typical Applications:- Producing Fire Curtain, Ship side cooling, bulk head cooling, Oil Rig Hull Cooling and washing of vertical surfaces, washing fruits, stones or any such material on a moving conveyor.
Connection: 1/8" to 1" BSP or NPT
Spray angles: 90 to 140
Material: PVC, PP, 316 Stainless Steel, Brass
Adjustable Swivel joint rotating 70 degrees
Adjustable Swivel joint facilitates alignment of spray nozzles on the header pipe to the target surface.
Adjustment angles between 40 to 70 degrees free the guess work in nozzle locations.
Download Cat : Swivel Joint.pdf
Calculating the quantities of  TANK COOLING NOZZLES  
Quantity and type of spray nozzles calculation as per NFPA 15 pg 11-15
Density to be applied on VERTICAL surface : 0.25 Gallon per minutes per sq ft (10.17 Liter per minute per sq meter)
Brief Case Example
Tank Specifications
     Tank diameter                              : 57.7 meter
     Tank height                                   : 16.0 meter
      Height of water spray pipe ring : 12.35meter
Hence Tank Vertical surface area = 24,085 sq ft (2237.54 sq meter)
System water flow discharge rate = 24,085 x 0.25  = 6,031 gallon per minute (22,797Liter/m)
Other parameters in consideration such as,
- length of pipe ring : 4.14 x 57.7 = 181.2m
- No of Riser : 4 each
- Length of pipe ring per riser : 181.2 divide by 4 = 45.3meter
Select Wilson Wide Angle Fan  Nozzle FW series
            Model : 3/4FW500-145
            Flow rate : 189 liter/min @ 3 bar
            Size : 3/4 inch male Npt
            Material : Brass
            Spray angle : 145 degrees Fan
Therefore total number of nozzles required @ 3bar = 22,797 divide by 189 = 120 pieces .
Allow for thirty percent (30%) spray overlap, add additional nozzles as fit
Note : calculation delineated above is to ascertain the number of nozzles only, pressure loss in the pipe system need to be calculated separately.