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Ruby Insert Fog Nozzles - FINE FOG  in Critical Mass

Download Catalogue - Serie 8 B.pdf
Serie 8 constructed of 316 stainless steel in its entirety with an imbedded 0.2 mm ruby orifice is rated for 150 Bar pressure.

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Highly efficient radiator and condenser Fog cooling using ruby insert series, with extended polypropylene filter to trap particles in the base of the nozzle, high pressure water at 50 to 150 bar jet against an impingement pin of equal diameter resulting in billions of 1 to 15 micron droplets.
Wide Angle Volumetric Fog Nozzle - SD Series
Multiple narrow full cone pattern,  Solid One piece, non clog, Dense Full Cone, Small atomise droplets

Download Cat  - SD_Small_Dense_Fog.pdf

Fog Cannon for 5m.
This is a light duty fog generating module trajecting fog at a distance of 5 to 7m with dense fog with no wind draft. .
It is low cost sold as parts and easy to install for customer's own assembly. Large Critical mass of fine fog generated through our Ruby Insert Fog Nozzles traject high velocity .
Self contained with 41 liter water container, driven by single phase electric motor discharging 8 liter/min @100bar through seamless stainless steel tubing with nine (9) qty of R-50 Fog Nozzles inter-connected by compression fittings for customer's own assembly.
Suitable dust suppression at construction site, incineration plant, wood dust, marble dust etc. It is portable, easy to assemble and easy to use for fast setup.

Download price list : 3m system Compression Binder.pdf

Both Spraying at 100bar

Serie 8 Ruby Insert Fog Nozzles are used in the above video with 7 nozzles

R-50 fog nozzles (without ruby insert) are used in the below Video with 9 nozzles

Observe the difference in spray angle and fog mass

An Assembled basic module as seen below  takes us five days to hook up and cost is about S$7,000.  If added features such as Serie 8 Ruby Insert Fog Nozzles, high pressure pulsation dampener and reservoir, Two (2) microns suction filtration stages, float valve for water inlet continuous flow etc would cost about (Singapore Dollars) S$11,000. 
Fog Cannon for 100m.
SCY-100 is heavy duty fog generating cannon trajecting fog at a distance of 100m
Spray droplets ranging from 30 to 150 microns covering 25,200 sq m.
Powered by a heavy duty pump discharging water at a rate of 200 liters/min @ 35bar through three (3) rings array of atomising nozzles, large critical mass of fine mist is produce. With the large inline turbine generating air flow of 3050m3/min, high velocity critical mass of mist coalesce effectively with floating dust particulates.

The panning of 320 degrees and tilting angle of +45 degrees allow mist projection at great fexibility.
It has local control features and a user friendly remote control module
With IP-55 ingress protection, SCY-100 is designed to work in demanding weather conditions.

Mainly used in construction sites, demolition, mining, fire suppression, landfill, composting.
Download Catalogue : SCY-100 Fog Cannon.pdf
 Critical Mass Atomising Nozzle 
Download Cat: SA 1.pdf 
The device where the liquid flow and the airflow come into contact with each other to produce a volumetric fine mist spray use for evaporative cooling and dust suppression. The two stream of liquid and air collide and exit the spray cap at high velocity spray discharge to effect fine atomisation. 
A spray set-up is configured for 90 degrees and 120 degrees.

High Pressure Compression Fittings

Stainless steel seamless tubing
Download Price : 3m System Price List. pdf
Size : 1/8 (Male) NPT Ruby Insert Fog Nozzle          
Download - Nozzles, Compression fittings and pump price list pdf