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Centrifuge Mist
Fan Switched OFF
Fan Switched ON
Centrifuge Mist Fan Model : HW-26 discharges fine mist silently without need of high pressure pump, nozzles, water filter and high pressure fittings etc.
HW-26 is self contained with a 41 Liter water container, propelled by a 26 inch diameter, three (3) speed lateral oscillating heavy duty Industrial Fan, spinning fine mist for six (6) hours continuous operation.

Mounted on a solid base plate with roller wheels with handle for ease of transportation.
Low cost self contained, environmental friendly and fully assembled for ready plug-in anywhere.
Maintenance free. Idea for patio, garden, recreational area, fun fare, school sports day, outdoor exhibition,
Al fresco dinning, marathon run carnival etc. 
Catalogue : pg38 Misting Fan.pdf

Model : HW-26

Fully Assembled Price
Sale Price        : S$950/ set
Option :-
Float valve for direct connection to water tap to ensure continuous water supply to container without manual filling.
  Adder price of S$75 / set
User Friendly design features that are hard to beat
Easy Switch
Clean Hidden connections
Lock Castor wheel
Water Filter
Clean Hidden
CENTRIFUGE MISTING FAN with Atomising Nozzles
HW-26 centrifuge misting fan with four (4) atomising nozzles pump assembly for critical mass mist output.

Four (4) units of W1/4-30 full cone nozzles Interconnected by means of compression tubes and fittings to the Eight (8) liters/min @100 bar high pressure pump, integrated onto the centrifuge Misting fan HW-26 generating large mass of mist. The excellent feature of portability and ease of transportation yet trajecting spray at high velocity and large critical mass of mist using only single phase power instead of three phase is ideal for any site application.   

Long Misting Period : 12 hours,  Capacity : 60 liters water tank
 Model: HW-20
Mist system : Centrifuge Vortex
Water tank : 60 liters plastic tank
Misting Period : 12 hours
Mist drop size : < 30μm
Available area : 50 cubic meter
Throw distance : 8 m
Fan diameter : 20 inch (500mm)
Fan speed : 3 adjustable speed
Fan spread : 90 degrees Lateral
Power :220VAC/1 phase
Freq (Hz)         : 50/60
Power (Watt)    : 600
Speed (RPM)   : 1440
Airflow (m3/h)  : 9000
Noise (dB) : 53-69
Fan Height : 1 m
Download Cat - Centrifuge HW-20.pdf
Air Purifier Scrubber MC-602-COOL Series
Download Cat :  Cool FAN pdf
Draws large volume of filthy hot air, channel through filter distributors with clean water cascading droplets wash, resulting in fresh scrubbed air out.
Large air mass transfer.
In-situ filter to clean in-coming air.
Step-less Speed Control.
Constructed of light weight Polyethylene and Nylon blades. Easy to use and maintain.
Portable and durable.
Single phase, energy saving.
Self Contained
Download Catalogue : EVAPORATIVE COOLING